SANDRA SHACKELFORDThe Education Innovator

    Sandra is an accomplished educator, communications coach, and the founder of Nspire Classroom Solutions. Her reputation of delivering engaging and motivating lessons that empower students earned her the 2015 Southfield Public Schools Teacher of the Year award and a 2015 Oakland County Teacher of the Year Nomination.

    Maximizing individual performance, developing students’ interest in writing and communications, and instilling a sense of self-worth in students is her passion. Sandra has created, produced and directed one of the most recognized programs in the Southfield Public School District, Celebrating the Voices of Tomorrow’s Leaders. This program is a platform for students to showcase their writing and communication skills developed during the school year. They learn to speak powerfully with confidence and clarity, as they draw upon their life experiences and perspectives. Through participating in this innovative program, students discover more about themselves and the world around them.

    Sandra’s educational philosophy is rooted in creating learning experiences that are relevant, motivating and even transformative for students. Sandra says, “I would rather build a child than repair an adult.”

    She has 22 years of experience as an educator in the Southfield Public Schools and 4 years in Detroit Public Schools. Areas of expertise are Communications, English and Classroom Management.  Additionally, she has 20 years’ experience as an undefeated oratorical coach of high school and middle school students placing first in oratorical competitions on the district, regional and state level.

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