HEIDI REDDThe Retail Innovator & Life Long Student

    Innovator, trendsetter, caring, loyal and God-fearing is just a few words to describe Heidi Redd. As the owner of Amira’s Closet, a fashion and personal styling boutique, Heidi brings her passion for fashion and meticulous style to everyone she meets.  Amira’s Closet is a living expression of Heidi’s colorful spirit that evolved from her grandmother’s spirit and skillful hand as a seamstress.

    Heidi would revel in her grandmother’s style and ability to do everything with excellence.  In fact, the family called her the “Black Martha Stewart”.  She recalls her grandmother saying with a smile, “Honey, if you can’t do it right, don’t do it!”  Every time she heard her grandmother’s words, Heidi’s heart would flutter and her mind started ticking.  She knew she wanted to follow in her footsteps.


    Armed with her grandmother’s spirit and self-determination, Heidi established Amira’s Closet in 2001.  Amira’s Closet is more than a boutique where you can buy the latest fashions for any occasion.  You can expect to have a personal experience that allows you to explore every facet of your personality guided by a humorous tour guide.  Amira’s Closet carries an array of unique items for men and women ranging from fringed handbags to cuff links.  Heidi’s ability to style doesn’t stop with personal items.  Her ability to blend colors and textures to meet the discerning taste of her clients has made her a highly sought after home décor and interior designer.


    Heidi is a woman of great integrity motivated by a spirit of excellence and sensitivity. She has held many positions in her lifetime such as a licensed social worker and substitute teacher.  However, the position that she holds close to heart is providing compassion to friends and families that have lost a love one.  As a young girl, Heidi grew up in the funeral home business. Her friend proudly owns and operates Calhoun Funeral and Cremation in Cleveland, OH.  While other families spent their Friday night’s going to the movies, Heidi was learning the valuable lesson of caring for others with a genuine heart.  With a lifetime of experience, she continues to work in this family business doing whatever it takes to provide warmth and comfort to everyone she encounters.


    Heidi lives by the mantra of “If I can reach, teach and send love to someone, my living is not in vain”.  She has dedicated her life to adding value to others by seeing the best everyone and encouraging them to live life in color and style.


    Heidi has dedicated her life to raising her four children and waiting until they were well established to pursue her dreams and desire to be more grounded in God’s word.  In 2015, she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Theology from Ursuline College and is currently pursuing a Master in Women’s Studies from Ursuline College.


    Throughout her life, Heidi has been inspired by her mother and grandmother.  At an early age, they laid the foundation of community involvement, servant leadership, family values and “good” cooking.  She has taken their lessons and applied it to every aspect of her life. Heidi has been married to the love of her life, Bilal Akram, for 27 years.  Heidi is a loving grandmother to four children and eleven grandchildren.

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