Have you ever had a sharp, stabbing pain going down your leg? Well, energetic, go-getter Dena experienced this form of pain called sciatica from a lodged fragment in her lower lumbar. Ouch!

    The pesky fragment was discovered after enduring a enclosed MRI from a renown neurosurgeon. Dena has had minor spine surgery after this sports injury in 2013.  She found the culprit of her pain then pursued stretching classes which led her to finding the gift of yoga. Now, she has a passion for helping others heal their back pain through the gift of yoga. Dena teaches yoga classes weekly in Illinois. Today, Dena is doing much better due to her yoga practice and runs 3x times a week with fellow fitness moms in her town.


    Recently, Dena came up with a new storage idea for new and experienced yogis alike while going through yoga teacher training.  She became frustrated with her misplaced water bottle and jumbled belongings in her slouchy bag, and it was difficult to stay organized. Shocked that there were no upscale long-lasting yoga organizer bags, Dena designed her own yoga bag line, a stylish high-end yoga carryall collection that takes students from yoga to work and back again. Each carryall holds the yoga mat, water bottle, wallet, built-in clip for keys and a smartphone. The main benefits of the carryall are to get more organized and thus, stay mindfully de-cluttered after class to work or back home again.


    Dena is a momprenuer and yoga teacher 500-CYT. She received her 200 CYT training in Hot Power Yoga from Forever Om. In addition, Dena expanded her yoga teacher education with her 300 CYT training in all major aspects of yoga including restorative yoga, pranayama breathing exercises, gentle flow yoga, chair yoga, detox yoga, pregnancy yoga and many other styles. Dena received her specialized mantra meditation training from the Deepak Chopra Center in San Diego. Her thesis was on piriformis syndrome, using yoga therapy as form of physical therapy. She received and ‘excellent’ grade on her thesis from renown yoga trainer Sharyn Galindo.


    Additionally, Dena has over 25 years of experience in statistical methods as an industrial engineer and over combined 10 years of pilates and yoga experience as both student and teacher. She teaches corporate yoga classes on a weekly basis for Continental and Astellas as an employee of Active Wellness based in Sausilito, California. Dena is also the founder of Yogashero and the Pop.N.Go Rain Scarf brands. Her Pop.N.Go product launched AS SEEN On SHOPNBC in February 2011 and on the Dr. Oz Show in March 2018. Her products have been featured in a number of publications including Beauty Business, Women’s Health, ALL YOU, REAL SIMPLE and INSTYLE and others. She will be launching her first book, Detoxelicious, in the winter of 2018.


    Dena received her industrial engineering and MBA degrees from Northwestern University and currently resides in Illinois with her husband, three kids and her dog. She and her husband are active philanthropists in the Chicagoland area for Primo Center for Homeless Families, Chicago Children’s Museum and Boys and Girls Clubs of Chicago.


    Her passion is to help people make simple lifestyle changes that keep them living well longer.

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