APRIL NOELLE HARTThe Hustler with a Passion for Urban Education.

    April Noelle Hart is an attorney with a passion for Education Law.   She graduated from Cleveland Heights High School in 1985 and received her bachelor’s degree from the Ohio University in 1989.  After graduation, Ms. Hart spent time in New York trying to pursue a career as a Tap Dancer.  When her plans did not work out Ms. Hart returned to Cleveland Ohio and worked as a Director at the Metzenbaum Children’s home in Cleveland. She was accepted to the Cleveland Marshall College of Law in 1991.  During this time she taught jazz and tap to young children in order to support herself through law school.  It would be these early experiences working with youth that prepared Ms. Hart for a life’s work in urban education.

    After graduation, April desired to work in an African- American law firm.  In 1999 she joined Teamor & Associates where she was assigned to develop charter schools in Detroit Michigan and in Ohio.  The development of charter school law and school policy led her to the active practice of Education Law.  In 2005 April opened her own solo practice.  Today she plays a major role in the development of charter school law; drafting school district policy; special education and non-profit laws for Boards of Education in several communities.  April has fought for legislation and challenged many laws locally including up to the Supreme Court of Ohio to ensure quality education for students in urban settings.

    April’s desire to ensure that students receive a quality education led her to start her own charter school management company in 2013.  Currently, April operates the Green Academy Charter School located in the Warrensville Heights, Ohio School District.  This fall her Charter School will divide into a Girls and Boys separate gender campus.

    April Hart’s passion for urban education is what moves her to challenge inequality in schools.  Working on the ground level with students allows her to help them overcome the everyday barriers they face while trying to learn. Balancing work between litigation, legislation, board meetings or just sitting still to listen to a child “read out loud” is a challenge that April takes on with pride.

    April resides in Pepper Pike Ohio.  She is a single mother with two daughters, Casey, a senior at Orange High School and Jordan a freshman at the School of the Art Institute Chicago.  She attributes her drive and strength to her Mother Linda Copeland who taught her the true meaning of being a “Hustler.”

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