August 2019 Newsletter

Welcome to the 50 Black Women Over 50 April Newsletter!

At 50 Black Women Over 50 we highlight Black Women at and nearing the age of 50 who are rocking life and making a difference. We are here to honor your incredible leadership accomplishments, sacrifices, and comebacks. Our mission stands on four pillars; to celebrate, connect, engage, and inspire.

  • Celebrate our Honorees and all Black Women: their successes, triumphs, challenges, and contributions to our community
  • Connect Black Women to our Honorees and each other
  • Engage the community in substantive conversations about issues important to our communities
  • Inspire our audiences to do more and be more through the stories about our honorees and other Black Women

We are excited to share this newsletter with you! From announcements and events to blog posts and Honoree highlights, this newsletter is the best way to stay up to date on 50 Black Women Over 50.

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