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2018 marks my 50th year and I am ready to revel in it!

In honor of my 50th year I am celebrating 50 Black Women who have reached (or are nearing) this milestone year with style and grace – rocking life and making a difference in the broader community.  I have come to know so many African-American and other Black women who are role models in their communities and organizations, and who have garnered much success in their careers and personal passions.  Yet, in my view, these magnificent women are not recognized enough and given the accolades they so richly deserve for their incredible accomplishments, sacrifices, and comebacks during their 50+ years on this earth.  I plan to change that in some small way this year – celebrating our first 50 years and how we rock it at 50+ with the 50 Black Women Over 50 project. We will also demonstrate and celebrate the fullness of life and opportunities for Black women as they approach and surpass 50 years

I so admire the work and lives of our honorees  and I want to share their stories, triumphs, and successes with a broader community in hopes that other women and the community in general will gain an even greater appreciation for the contributions these women are making.

I am working with a fabulous, diverse committee of Black women that have volunteered to help me execute on my vision to celebrate my milestone birthday by connecting with other women.


The goals of The 50 Black Women Over 50 Initiative are:


To share the stories of black women, their challenges, triumphs and successes with a broader community and to celebrate life for Black women as they approach 50.


Through our social media celebration and in-person events, we aim to connect these dynamic women to each other and the broader community in hopes of extending their messages and shining a spotlight on what it means to be a black woman over fifty.


We want to engage these women in a meaningful way by sharing their stories via social media dialogue, learning about the organizations they support, recognizing their accomplishments and making sure they we amplify their voices so all Black women can have a seat at the table.


Finally, we want to not only celebrate the greatness of these phenomenal 50 black women, but to also inspire younger women to look forward to reaching the milestone and embracing all that life holds for them at fifty!



The Finance Doctor

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Gail Perry Mason

The Inclusion Thought Leader

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Vernā Myers

The Media Maven

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Traci Otey Blunt

The Business Leader and Corporate Board Member

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Teresa Bryce Bazemore

The Venture Capitalist

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Anne Richie

The Energy Expert

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Carla Walker-Miller

The Black Girl Magic Maker

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Kalyn Johnson

The Dollar Whisperer

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Ragan D.R. Royal

The Story Teller and AI Expert

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Adaora Udoji

Our Social Media Campaign

Much of the celebration of our honorees and other Black women is on social media.  You will see our profiles the 50 honorees and other content relevant to demonstrate how awesome and fulfilling life can be at and after 50. We hope our social media campaign will gain momentum and be shared widely by our friends, family, colleagues, the honorees and you!

Please invite your friends to join us (by following on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter @50BlackWomenOver50).  You can also tag us on Instagram or Facebook and send us your photos using #50BlackWomenOver50.  We want to touch as many Black women as possible!

Find us on social media:

Our Celebrations

The Salon — Beginning in the fall of 2018, we commence in person celebrations and dialogues about and among Black women in several cities around the country.  We call these events “salons” and the idea is to host intimate celebrations and opportunities for Black women to dialogue with each other and learn more about the work we are each doing in our communities, where our passions lie and how we can be supportive of each other.  Salon events are intended to be intimate gatherings of women that allow for bonding and reflecting and accordingly are invitation only.  Sign up through the website to learn more about the 50 Black Women Salons.

Thank you for joining us in this celebration and journey.  We look forward to hearing from you – whether about Black Women Over 50 who inspire you – how you feel as you approach the milestone – or where you spend your time.


Receive info on our in person intimate salon meet ups and other 50 Black Women updates.

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